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Gage Beasley

Yellow Lovebird Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

Yellow Lovebird Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

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This charming little parrot is a visual delight, adorned with striking purple and white feathers that create a stunning contrast. Its vibrant red or peach face and distinctive white eye rings add to its unique appeal, making the Lovebird a standout presence in any environment.

The Lovebird thrives in diverse habitats, including woodlands, gardens, and urban areas, demonstrating impressive adaptability and intelligence. Known for their social behavior, Lovebirds often engage with other birds and form strong pair bonds. Their cheerful chirps and playful calls add a lively atmosphere to their surroundings.

Whether in the wild or as a cherished pet, the Lovebird's vibrant personality and beautiful plumage bring joy and color to any setting. Celebrated for their affectionate nature, these birds form deep connections with their human companions, making them a favorite among pet enthusiasts.

Toy Specifications:

Type Plush Toy for Ages 3+
Size Belly width: 8cm (3.2")
Crown to foot height: 13cm (5.1")
Chest to tail length: 16cm (6.3")
Material Plush & PP Cotton
Color As Pictured  


Package Includes: 1 x Yellow Lovebird Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

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