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Gage Beasley

Tullimonstrum Tully Monster Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

Tullimonstrum Tully Monster Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

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The Tullimonstrum, colloquially known as the "Tully Monster," is a prehistoric enigma that inhabited Earth's ancient seas around 307 million years ago, during the Carboniferous period. It earned its nickname due to its peculiar and perplexing appearance.

This aquatic creature is characterized by a long, tubular body with a segmented structure, a long proboscis or snout at one end, and a distinctive "V"-shaped tail fin at the other. It possessed large, stalked eyes with tiny teeth-like structures inside its mouth.

The Tully Monster's mysterious existence continues to intrigue paleontologists, serving as a reminder of the remarkable diversity of life that once thrived on our planet. Its fossils, found primarily in the Mazon Creek fossil beds of Illinois, have been the subject of extensive research, shedding light on Earth's ancient oceans and the enigmatic creatures that inhabited them.

Toy Specifications:

Type Plush Toy for Ages 3+ 
Size 60cm(23.6")
Material Plush & PP Cotton
Color As Pictured


Package Includes: 1 x Tullimonstrum Tully Monster Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

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