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Gage Beasley

Monkfish Goosefish Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

Monkfish Goosefish Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

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Lophius americanus, commonly known as the American anglerfish or monkfish, is a species of anglerfish found primarily in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, ranging from the Grand Banks of Newfoundland to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It inhabits deep waters, typically between 50 to 2,000 meters deep, where it lurks on the ocean floor waiting for prey.

One of the American anglerfish's most notable features is the illicium, a modified dorsal fin ray that extends from its forehead like a fishing pole with a fleshy bait at the tip. This bait, which can be wiggled to attract prey, lures small fish and other marine creatures towards the anglerfish's enormous mouth, which is lined with sharp teeth.

Despite its fearsome appearance, the American anglerfish is not a fast swimmer; instead, it relies on stealth and ambush to capture its prey. This species is commercially valuable and is harvested for its firm, mild-flavored flesh, which is commonly used in seafood dishes. However, its population has faced pressure from overfishing, leading to concerns about its sustainability in some regions.

Toy Specifications:

Type Plush Pillow Toy For Ages 3+
Size 30cm(11.8")
Material Cotton
Color As pictured
Filling PP Cotton


Package includes: 1 x Monkfish Goosefish Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

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